Introducing our Daily Class Weekly Goals list Google Doc template, featuring an outer-space background theme that is sure to inspire your students to reach for the stars!

This template is perfect for teachers who want to set clear goals for their class each week, while keeping things fun and engaging. The daily format allows you to break down your goals into manageable tasks, ensuring that you stay on track and focused throughout the week.

The outer-space background theme is perfect for inspiring creativity and curiosity in your students. With stunning images of stars, planets, and galaxies, this template will help you create an engaging learning environment that encourages exploration and discovery.

Whether you're a science teacher looking to inspire your students with a space-themed lesson plan, or simply want to add a fun and inspiring element to your daily class goals, our Daily Class Weekly Goals list with an outer-space background theme is the perfect solution. Try it out today and take your teaching to the next level!
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